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Treatment using ultrasonic waves, which consists in introducing into the skin, the active substances selected according to the type of skin and its needs. Allows intense and effective implementation of therapeutic substances into the skin, nourishing and moisturizing, which work sealing the blood vessels, as well as accelerate the treatment of acne and its remains.

Heat generated by ultrasound penetrates deeper into the tissue to relax the skin and muscles, at that time a deep and gentle massage improves blood and lymph circulation, metabolism and cell regeneration. The use of ultrasound is mainly based on the mechanical, thermal and chemical action. The mechanical action causes micro-massage of the tissues, thermal effects lead to congestion and loosen up, chemical – causes structural changes of proteins in skin cells.


 strengthens blood vessels
 stimulates the regeneration of damaged tissue accelerating smoothing of scars
 regenerates dry ski
 smoothes and moisturizes
 reduces wrinkles
 eliminates erythema
 removes acne scars
 eliminates dark circles under the eyes
 fights cellulite


Sonophoresis £25

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