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Cavitation peeling

Cavitation is a painless peeling, deep skin cleansing using ultrasonic wave. This allows for precise removal of excess serum from the pores and hair follicles, to get rid of keratinized skin, blackheads, blackheads and bacteria. Provides smooth and rejuvenate the skin, improves micro circulation, has a disinfecting effect.

Ultrasonic vibrations of high frequency result in an increase metabolism of the cells are crushed any calcification, blood circulation is accelerated, there is increased removal of metabolic waste products, enzymes are activated in different cells. Ultrasonic peeling improves skin appearance.

This treatment results in effective exfoliation of dead skin and reveal a younger layer of skin that is free of dead cells, excess sebum, bacteria and toxic substances, and residues of cosmetics. Thus prepared skin is better prepared to absorb the preparations. The result of treatment (peeling) is apparently smooth and soft to the touch skin with open pores and hair follicles, disinfected. Is an excellent introduction to further treatments.

Cavitation peeling

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